Máxima Butterfly Project is putting human-skill development in the spotlight



The Máxima Butterfly Project is a project by Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology. The project consists of 37 partners and 28 PhD Candidates from 13 countries, focusing on the development of new interventions in the field of pediatric oncology. Top institutes as the Hopp Children’s Cancer Centre (KITZ) in Heidelberg and Institutes Curie and Gustave Roussy in Paris work side by side with European graduate schools, patient organizations, small start-up companies and large pharmaceutical industry partners such as Charles River, AstraZeneca, Roche.



Attract, Engage and Unleash. Attract and Engage 28PhD Candidates from around the world with a superior personal development program. Unleash human potential at the workplace.



Design and Facilitation of a 2-year human-skill development program to unlock human potential at the workplace. Putting human-skill development in the spotlight. Making it equally important to training scientific and management skills. The next generation is not only interested in financial rewards. They want to live a meaningful life. They want to understand themselves and others better, creating  sustainable connections, including the one with themselves.



The Máxima Butterfly Project has been awarded with a substantial grant by the European Commission.

In October 2023 we kicked off the 2-year personal development program. Guiding the 28 PhD Candidates to become the next generation of scientists. Confident and resilient future-ready leaders in science. Using their good human skills to boost their professional influence and practicing well-being as a foundation tool.

‘It was really a surprise to me how much I enjoyed this module, it really overcame my expectations and it helped me function better in day to day life.’- Participant 

‘This program dives deep into important questions and allows for great connections to be formed with your peers.’ – Participant