Máxima Butterfly Project – Putting human-skill development in the spotlight

The challenge

The Máxima Butterfly Project is a project by Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology. The project consists of 37 partners and 28 PhD Candidates from 13 countries, focusing on the development of new interventions in the field of pediatric oncology. Which skills do you need for being able to approach challenges creatively every day and having the willingness to explore new ideas and methodologies? And how do you resolve disagreements and conflicting insights with peers and your professor and at the same time maintain positive at work?

Our solution

Unleash, Boost & Grow. With the Personal Development Program BeyondU they learned to unleash their human skills at the workplace. Making it equally important to training scientific and management skills. The 28 top talents started using their improved human potential to boost their professional influence and grow sustainable connections with their communities and with theirselves.

The result

‘This program dives deep into important questions and allows for great connections to be formed with your peers.’ – Participant BeyondU

Top 3 learnings:

  • Critical thinking
    They learned that thinking critically often leads to wonderful problem solving!
  • Emotional intelligence
    The PhD Candidates have actively worked on issues such as empathizing with others and offering each other support. Both necessary for interpersonal dynamics and successfully navigating with colleagues and your seniors.
  • Adaptability
    The PhD Candidates embraced countless changes, sought out setbacks and uncertainties and found ways to adapt and trust their inner compass.