LINDA editorial-office rethinks the future with open minds


LINDA. is thé most popular lifestyle glossy for the modern women in the Netherlands. The magazine contains a high-profile double interview, taboo-breaking stories about famous and unknown people and the latest news in the field of fashion, beauty, food, books, TV, music and film. LINDA. is smart, sexy, daring and never without humor!


With the new editor-in-chief on board it is the perfect moment to rethink the future and brainstorm about themes for next level content. How do we realize this with open minds and leaving ego’s at home?


Kick-off the day with a masterclass ‘self-care with yin in a yang world’. Inviting the whole team to take off on a collective journey and go beyond ego’s towards sustainable solutions that empathize with their reader’s interests. The first step is to let go of the automatic pilots and bring all team-members in the present moment. Next steps are to challenge pre-conceived beliefs, increase awareness and create connections, including with yourself.


A collective journey. Open minds that work together with the same team-members, with a new editor-in-chief who has new ideas and aspirations. Conscious people inspire each other and are the change.