Law Firm Transitioning from leading with the head to leading from the heart


Our client is a leading international law firm. 



Our client has a clear vision on future-leadership that includes the need of a balanced focus on purpose, people and performance. They understand the best investment to drive competitiveness and innovation is the investment in people. Strengthening human capital and re-addressing the balance between transaction and relation. From leading with the head towards leading from the heart. A renewed connection between purpose, people and performance.



A tailored program for executives. Nine intensive months to get to know and grow yourself in a different way and to develop a leadership style where human skills such as courage, curiosity and creating sustainable connections, including with yourself, are key.

The program, with its name BeyondU, provides educational experiences live, online and off-grid. Six pillars to grow personal competences and four modules to practice well-being. New foundation tools for future-ready leaders.

  • 6 Pillars to grow personal competences. 1. Purpose, 2. Identity, 3. Values, 4. Emotional Intelligence, 5. Behavioral Change, 6. Ehtical dilemma’s
  • 4 Themes to practice well-being. Nature connection, 2. Mind training, 3. Stress relief and learning to relax, 4. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle
  • 5 Days live masterclasses, 3 days off-grid in nature
  • 30 Weeks online supplement learning content and assignments
  • Coaching calls on request
  • Exclusive E-learning platform
  • 5 Executive leadership coaches
  • 3 Executive self-awareness coaches



The (r)evolution has begun. New seeds have been planted. It has proven that working on Yourself, does benefit team-spirit, work-life balance and professional influence. A strong foundation has been built in becoming role models for peers and the next generation.

‘If you are not being offered a process like this, it will take at least 10 years before you have gained that self-knowledge. I wish them that they could reinvent themselves in this way and they certainly succeeded.’ – client