Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) – United and re-energized to take on upcoming challenges

The challenge  

The Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) is a global nature conservation foundation with offices in Amsterdam, Munich and Sao Paulo. BJF pursues one clear objective: planting indigenous trees on a massive scale to help realize the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in Brazil, in order to improve the lives of each of us and of all future generations on our planet.

As a fast growing organization the BJF is always on the outlook to grow as a team and how to best support their talents to stay mentally fit. A challenge as the global team works in divers time zones, with rare moments to meet in person.

Our solution

BJF shares our philosophy: ‘your projects, your company can only grow if you grow’. Together we decided to launch the online BeVital program. This became a truly global virtual experience, with team members from Brazil, Denmark, England, France, Scotland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, many of whom had never participated in an online wellbeing plan before.

The result

“I am always connected to technology, always busy with my brains. These programs demonstrate technology can also be a great way to re-connect with self and others.” – Participant BeVital

As a team BJF has emerged with a newfound respect for making time to step back, and reconsider the actions that will help them move forward in their reforestation mission. The results and feedback showed that the team felt united and re-energized! Almost all reported they learned new insights, techniques and exercises to integrate into daily life for managing a calm mind, more resilience and better focus.