LOVAH GENERAL PRACTIONERS no longer hesitant to talk about sex


LOVAH is the Landelijke Organisatie van Aspirant Huisartsen – The Dutch National Organization of Aspiring General Practitioners. The organization represents the interests of all, approximately 2,300 Dutch general practitioners with training and network events.


Can you train soft-skills for self-care & boost the professional impact of a general practitioner so they will be able to discuss sexuality in an open way with their patients?


Let’s talk about sex. This is the theme of the conference for aspiring general practitioners. The naked truth is that research shows that general practitioners often lack knowledge and skills and find it shameful to ask patients intimate questions such as ‘Do you ever have complaints making love?’ Research also shows patients would like to talk about it, but do not dare to bring up the subject. Here is a task for the general practitioner. During a masterclass aspirant general practitioners discovered and experienced themselves how to connect mind, body and heart and how creating connections, including with yourself, is essential to re-vitalize and to make it natural to talk about sex.


Aspirant general practitioners are no longer hesitant to discuss the benefits and burdens of sexuality with their patients. Aspirant general practitioners have taken home tools and insights for self-care to re-vitalize and live and work healthy and happy.


Picture thanks to Sanders Huisarts | Fysiotherapie