Is this online retreat for you?

If you answer any of these questions with YES, this experience is something for you:

  • You live your life from your head
  • You feel uncertain, fear or lonely in these quarantine
  • You find it difficult to find space for yourself and reconnect with your own energy with all those people around you
  • You tend to communicate to others a lot via phone, Skype, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, mail, face-time etc.
  • You want to do yoga or meditation but you need some personal motivation and guidance to actually do it!
  • Although in quarantine, you like to meet new like-minded people who also want to use these times to reset and set something NEW in motion
  • You like to work on a healthy mind in a healthy body


This is the team of teachers and speakers for your 5-days online retreat ‘Reset, Rebalance en Re-energize’. 

Host. Ingrid Valks is specialized in the art of relaxation which includes meditation, breathing, yin yoga and nidra. The meditations are a practical way to grow positive qualities such as wisdom and joy. Our breath is the best tool to connect mind and body where yin yoga learns us to react mindful to life situations. Nidra helps improve sleep and concentration. A perfect mix of ingredients to stay relaxed in quarantine and beyond.

Marcel Remmé, known for his down-to-earth approach to release stress and guides you with his intuition and the BackPath. Make a journey along your spine and release physical and mental stress. Marcel became a close friend after having followed his yoga classes for over 10 years.

Joeke Hoeboer and myself met during the yin yoga teacher training. We were appointed a couple to present our class centred around the chakras. Joeke travelled the world to specialize in Shaking Medicine. Shake your body and learn how to let go all unimportant things in life.

Kat Novotna will take you on a walk in the Dutch woods known as Shinrin-Yoky, the famous Japanese nature therapy. Kat did send me a message on LinkedIn which as followed by a coffee in a Dutch café and now we work together as we both believe in the healing power of nature.

Suzanne Rotteveel is a nature-nutritionist and as she is also a communication specialist she knows as no other to simply explain why and what kind of food nourishes your mind and body. This food talk is interesting for both foodies as for those who want to use this quarantine as a paradigm shift.


We look forward to guide you on your path towards stress relief,  increase self-awareness and personal satisfaction.

On behalf of the whole team,