Ingrid Valks Keynote Speaker

A talk about your team(s) and organization as an eco-system instead of an ego-system. Ingrid uses the bottle garden as a metaphor for organizations. A system in balance. Her story is about the need to unleash human potential at the workplace. How do you increase professional influence and create sustainable connections, including the one with yourself?

With her business background, Ingrid Valks knows what she is talking about when it comes to themes such as personal leadership, changing organization culture, teambonding and the role of humans in a world dominated by crises and AI. Ingrid speaks passionately about The Future of Jobs. To give direction to the new way of working.

Motivational Keynote: 30 – 45 min. Eng & NLs
Enrich the keynote with a BeyondU workshop!

Decoding the future

A talk with urgency that must be heard with spotlight on:

Personal growth and leadership

Connecting people and purpose

Team building & team bonding

Your organisation as a selfsustaining eco-system

The new role of humans in a workplace dominated by change and AI 


Ingrid Valks likes to call her keynotes educational experiences. She has the gift of really connecting and actively involving her audience and getting them to take action. Teams and entire organizations come in motion by standing still for a moment! She also dares to challenge. Because it takes courage to grow and become Future-Ready.

Ingrid breathes compassion and tells an honest, passionate story.
With positive and lasting impact.

If you had to choose only one word to shape the 21st century, what would it be?

- Ingrid Valks | Motivational Keynote Speaker for a more Human World



Ingrid Valks

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