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The Power of Time Off – Who we are

We are the boutique Human-Skills development firm for well-being and personal growth at the workplace. We navigate top-performers in business and science towards Future-Ready leaders. Upskilling people, teams and organizations. Unleashing human potential to boost professional influence and grow sustainable connections, including the one with yourself.

We offer three action-learning programs:

Personal development program
to take leadership of your working life

Online vitality program
to train mental resilience and fitness

Business leadership retreat
to reconnect people and purpose

Will you join us? We are the power of time off.
Humanizing people and organizations

BeyondU is a one-year program for top performers and high potentials in business, science and society to discover new paths to take leadership of their life and work. Future-ready leaders unleash their human potential to boost professional influence and build sustainable connections, including the one with themselves.

bE-Vital is our online year program, guiding your talents to build that adaptability muscle, needed in times of rapid changes and unexpected crises. We invite your teams and organization to train well-being and become mentally and emotionally fit. Are you interested in our bE-vitality program and your own well-being plan for your team?

If we want to change the system in which we work, we will have to make time to slow down and reflect on our contribution. If you stand still, you can better view the situation from a distance. Then you can reconnect others, with who you are deep inside and with what energizes you. When you prioritize time to make a pause you are miles ahead!

What top talents and high potentials bring with them on a personal level is rarely unused in organizations. Why do we leave so much potential unlocked? Let us help you. We guide organizations and employees to take leadership of their professional and personal life. To be better prepared for 21st-century challenges.


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